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Loft Conversion – first steps

Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are the most popular home improvement projects. Creating new space in the roof is the best way to create extra living space and boost the value of the property.

It is cheaper to convert the loft than dig the basement. It is also easier than build an extension.

The popularity of loft conversion has increased in recent years, as property prices have soared. The potential of under-used space has been rediscovered and it has now become technically possible to convert most lofts. That, however, does not mean its an easy and simple job.

Few information before you start.

Before your loft conversion starts, one and the most important measure must be checked – the high of your loft. If you can stand straight in your loft there is a big chance the loft conversion can be done without major changes in the roof structure. If the high is too low overall building high will need to be raised. This topic will be covered in one of the next posts.

There are few things to consider:

Is it practical?

There are usually two categories of loft conversion. The one when the conversion goes smooth and it is easy to do, or it is a job from hell with minimal headroom, awkward floor, etc. Fortunately most technical problems can be overcome. Although during the planning stage all of them has to be mentioned and we need to consider if the loft conversion is practical and worth our effort.

It is important at the planning phase, to consider what will be the purpose of newly created space. The majority of converted lofts are used as bedrooms with a new en suite shower room and WC. Although this is not a rule the converted area can be used as home cinema, game room or small office that allow work in peace.